Training global organizations with fun and exciting media.

Engage architects and builds immersive training that’s fun, flexible, and reportable.

Engage is industry agnostic

We’ve trained people in a wide variety of environments.

We go where the learners are, engaging your team with what they need to know-where and when they need to know it.  We begin by intensely analyzing each   client’s field of knowledge by going onsite to film interviews, job shadow, analyze compliance requirements, and conducting initial surveys.

Our goal in this analytical process is to create a unique and comprehensive competency matrix—a map of behaviours used to prove that required learning has been achieved.

In this capacity, our team has filmed from helicopters and down into mines; we’ve been backstage at Fashion Week in New York and in the back rooms of hotels in Cairo.

Learning everywhere

Supporting your team where they work because your front line is your bottom line. 

Our work is context aware and device agnostic. We use our wide-ranging teaching, technical, and creative expertise to improve target behaviours onsite—where it matters.

We provide front-line training in multiple languages with flexible implementations and ongoing support.

EdTags deliver learning through mobile devices, throughout your work site. We create training programs that reinforce learning effectively through video, interactivities, quizzes, and live stream classrooms.

Most importantly, all learning and assessment activity is tracked and reported to you.


We’ve worked with industry leaders

Our clients include household names.

We’ve delivered over 3 million hours of training.  Our work is among the best in the industry, and we know it because our programs have been celebrated by some of the biggest trainers in food and retail.  Workbay, where we host free training, has over 13,000 active users.

How we work

We specialize in tough problems.

Our media production team create and deliver media that changes behaviour.  We are learning experts and we have experience training even the hardest-to-reach learners.  Our learning solutions deliver training in many languages, and to learners in places with limited Internet connectivity.

We’re social

We recognize the value of dynamic online communities.

We know that people learn best as part of a community so we support many tools to encourage social and interactive learning.

Through gamification of skills and interactivities we create training that impacts every type of learner.

Who are we?

Workbay is a diverse and creative group with a keen interest in education.

Our team includes learning specialists, curriculum writers, video producers, programmers, game developers, graphic designers, systems architects, animators, and motion artists.

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