See when hands are up

Students can engage with the instructor at any time.

In the live classroom, students can interact with a live-streamed instructor by raising a hand, phoning in, or chatting in the text window.  The onset live producer will prompt the instructor and prescreen calls so your session stays on track.

Video chat with experts

Instructors can video chat with students.

Call on experts from anywhere around the world, invite discussion, or hold a quick interview.  Students can engage with your guest live.  Alternatively, show a video to demonstrate a process or to show new technology.

Progress in real time

Monitor engagement in coursework.

Instructors can see when a student has watched a video or completed course work, which allows the instructor to make on-the-spot decisions, such as spending a little extra time on something that might not have clicked with the students.

Rich learning environment

Students can watch videos, review documents, and take quizzes.

Distance learning is no longer limited to text on screen; our platform supports lively participation and engagement.  Attach videos to be watched as preparation for the course and conduct polls and quizes live.  The live classroom is designed to work for every type of learner and every type of learning.

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