Support Skills Development

Track student engagement and career motives.

Workbay delivers a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS) with powerful multi-media delivery. Training can be deployed via synchronous and asynchronous programs. Our system can serve a variety of content types, including video, documents, interactivities, and more. We also feature the ability to create Live streaming classrooms in our KNOW MORE Classroom environment.

All training is managed by an easy-to-use administration dashboard, with enterprise level reporting.

Reporting: Set the Bar for Compliance

Make sure your students are safe.

Reports Dashboard tracks all the major activity areas on the site, showing a variety of statistical information.  This Dashboard provides a great way to show an overview of completed training and learning.  Numbers are immediate, so you can keep track of who is ready to work and who needs to finish some learning before they’re ready to participate. Completed learning is recorded and date stamped, so you have proof of compliance with workplace safety laws and regulations.