What Is Workbay?

Workbay is suite of tools to help jobseekers and students gain skills, get job ready, and find jobs.

Workbay is a free service that helps you find careers, take free job training, and find employment.

The more training you complete, the more attractive you look to prospective employers.

Kind of like a dating site that matches the right people to the right employers.

Workbay is a learning environment and a job board.

Workbay is an network of employment tools that help you get started on essential work skills training.

Discover + Follow Job Cards

Discover possible jobs by watching videos of real people telling you about their careers and by taking quizzes about yourself and your interests.

Learn + Gain Skills

Take training to gain skills, build your online Resume and get a job.  Once you have a job, continue to upgrade your skills and improve your eligibility for promotion.   All in one place!

Search + Find Jobs

Explore jobs that suit your interests and that are close to where you live.

Build Your Resume + Get A Job

Follow Job Cards that are connected to programs offered by educational institutions and current employment opportunities.

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